Our laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment and a qualified technical team, capable of guaranteeing the performance of analyzes in the short term, and safety in the results.

Employees committed to the internal policy of Quality and Good Laboratory Practices seeking continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, transforming our results into trust.

We use Pharmacopeial methods, ANVISA and MAPA guides and specific methods provided by the client or developed internally.

Microbiological Analysis

Environmental monitoring of microorganisms during clean room operations: sedimentation plates, contact plates, samples for the evaluation of contaminants present on the surface of the fingers of operators' gloves, and microbiological count (bacteria, fungi, among others);

Sterility test in finished product;

Antibiotic content by Microbiological Assay by Diffusion in Agar method, according to the Pharmacopoeia;

Process Validation Analysis;

Cleaning Validation Analysis;

Physical-Chemical Analysis

  • Weight determination for solid and liquid dosage forms;
  • Analysis for cleaning validation using HPLC UV-DAD;
  • Analysis for process validation using HPLC UV-DAD;
  • Hardness test;
  • Friability test;
  • Disintegration test;
  • Dissolution test;
  • Uniformity of unit doses;
  • Fusion point;
  • PH determination;
  • Determination of mass density and relative density;
  • Viscosity determination;
  • Determination of water by infrared moisture analyzer;
  • Alcoholometry;
  • Organoleptic tests.

Quality Assurance 

Always aiming for excellence in our services, GQ works by training and qualifying employees, holding internal audits, undergoing customer audits, continuously monitoring the quality system in all sectors, meeting all the requirements demanded by MAPA, customers and other regulatory bodies.

Always complying with current laboratory standards, our equipment is calibrated by laboratories recognized by the Brazilian Calibration Network (RBC). All tests and studies are conducted in accordance with tested and approved Standard Operating Procedures (POP's).